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Best 10 Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women; 2019 Recommendation

Pregnancy can be a rewarding experience but sure it can be stressful. Moms-to-be could use all the support they can receive during these stressful times. If you have a friend or a family member who are pregnant, what is a better way to show them your support then a perfect gift that they can use to ease the challenges that come their way during pregnancy?

We know that similar to birthdays and anniversaries, it can take forever to find an appropriate useful gift. Well, we did our homework and brought to you the best 10 gift ideas for pregnant women so you can show your support in a useful way, without breaking the bank of course. These items are for everyday use and fit moms lifestyle.

1. Pink Stork Pregnancy Bath Salt

This bath salt from the Dead Sea can be used to promote muscle relaxation and relieve pain during pregnancy alongside many health benefits. Thanks to its inclusion of magnesium, which acts as a natural calcium blocker, helping muscle cells relax after contracting (Health Line, 2019)

It can be used in the morning to relieve morning sickness or in the evening to help moms relax and fall asleep faster. It costs $15.99 US on Amazon.

2. The Whole 9 Months Nutrition Guide

This nutrition guide is a step-by-step to help moms to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy. It presents well-informed facts and delicious recipes.

A perfect gift that will last even after pregnancy.

It costs around $10 US on Amazon.

3. Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy can be physically challenging and getting comfortable, especially when trying to fall asleep becomes near impossible for moms. This pregnancy pillow offers support to lower back, neck and abdominal area to ensure maximum comfort during sleep.

It cost 59.99 US on Amazon which is reasonable given that moms can use it even after they give birth.

4. Dr.Motion Compression Socks

Most pregnant experience the pain that comes with swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy. This socks uses compression to reduce swelling by enhancing blood flow. Useful and can be used throughout the week.

It cost $34.99 US for 5 pairs on Amazon.

5. BabyHeartBeat Fetal Monitoring

This gift offers moms a deeper connection with their babies during pregnancy. Using a small portable device, moms can listen and record their babies heart beats and share it with physicians and family members through the Baby HeartBeat app.

It cost 96 Euros through the Baby HeartBeat online store.

6. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

A perfect gift to help reduce back and neck soreness and promote relaxation. Naipo massager includes a heater and three massage modes. It easy to use and portabile during long commutes.

It comes in different colors and it cost $42 US on Amazon

7. Earth Mama Morning Sickness Tea

Morning sickness is one of the most common challenges among pregnant women. This organic tea helps settle the stomach and promote relaxation in the morning. It's also caffeine-free.

It costs around $7.73 US for ten tea bags on Amazon.

8. AERIS Knee Pillow

As we mentioned before sleeping can become a challenge for pregnant women. This knee pillow helps relieve pressure in the lower back and knee while sleeping on the side. Simple gift that can provide endless nights of comfortable sleeps.

It cost $23.90 US on Amazon.

9. Motherhood Maternity Leggings

Thanks to their seamless stretchable material, these leggings can serve moms-to-be during the whole 9 months. It comes in different colors and its suitable for house or outdoors wear.

It cost $23.98 US on Amazon.

10. TIOSEBON Sneakers

Pregnancy can take a toll on women’s feet. This is where this comfy sneaker can come in handy. The sneaker fabric allows air circulation and has a slip-resistant padding, perfect for

rainy days.

It cost $19.99 and comes in so many different colors on Amazon.

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